Saturday, June 25, 2022

Category: Fiction


Everyone wished for a visitation from Ituofia. There was no problem he could not solve if you were blessed enough by the gods for him to visit you. He had once visited Ezeugbo the Beggar and by the next harvest, Ezeugbo owned three huts and was about to marry a second wife. Everyone knew of Elioka the Pawpaw. She was the village’s oldest spinster. Her age-mates were already having their fourth or fifth children by the time Ituofia went into her hut. Within three months three men had killed themselves over her hand in marriage. The marriage ceremony was the loudest the village had ever had.


It was surprising and mildly heartbreaking to watch her Obiefuna lose all his baby charm by the time he was older and become a reserved, reticent child, saying very little, hardly complaining even when under visible strain, and unconsciously relegating authority to the more troublesome, vocal Ekene. Obiefuna had filed out to become odd and worryingly quiet and, more distressing, a source of irritation to Anozie.