Abasiono Bassey

Dear Poetry,

How long has it been?

How long since we parted ways?

Has it been weeks, months or 365 days?

Have you forgotten how we met?

Of how hunger and idleness served us a cask of sour wine on our first date?

Do you still reminisce till you are caught in the haze of the days when 

I came to you, teary-eyed and grief-stricken

Days when you basked me with the warmth of your embrace

Held me tight & became my cushion through the night

It had seemed to be all purple patch and bliss

Until work trampled down the world we had built

Cracking the strength of our foundation’s rock

Then erecting a bungalow of stress

With the streaming moulds of anxiety and writer’s block

Dear poetry,

Though we’re now eXstranged,

I’m ready to solve this senseless love equation 

Written down in Quadratic, all I want is to find you

If only you would show me the roots that

Lead to your heart & that location 

Where we first met & marked with an X

Abasiono Udo Bassey is male from Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom state. Currently, he works at Uyo as a female fashion designer. His hobby is writing poems.