Onu Kamsiyochukwu

Sometimes it seems like it’s imploding

The dim light of hope

Encircled by figureheads with avaricious venoms.

The dripping from the excruciating gash

The invisible scar from the laceration.

Sometimes it seems like it’s imploding.

Empty promises yet to be fulfilled

An assembly for the youth filled with gray heads.

Future leaders with promises they are yet to deny 

When shall our rights be restored?

The ravaged children of my motherland cries.

Sometimes it seems like it’s imploding.

The aimlessness of these endless times

The hopeless dreams now-turned madness

Sometimes it feels like it’s imploding.

But the dim light of hope keeps shining.

Onu Kamsiyochukwu Christiana is a student of English and Literary Studies, UNN.