Chisom Muojindu

As these light rays from a cellphone slashes my lover’s face into halves,

One half comes on   illuminated by light

The other half    left in a cuddly abandon    is swallowed by darkness.

This is how I like to see humans

As inherent halves of good and bad,

Each in a constant conquest for supremacy.

“Who is a good person?”  My heart prods me.

“The one fortunate enough to be dominated by their better half.”

My head resolves to say.

“And the bad person?” My heart prods again.

“The one marred by the voices in their head.”

My head retorts in same vain.

And this is how we are to be   not wholly good nor bad,

But torn between the two sides of a coin.

And though we can’t be choosy in this conscription called life

Yet   we watch stary-eyed as each day saunters to us with 

Open arms bearing a fresh choice.

Muojindu Chisom is a 6th year medical student at Bingham University. She lives in Abuja. Her hobbies involve reading, writing and travelling. When she isn’t navigating life as a medical student, she runs a book club started at school with a friend. Her future plans involve writing and travelling the world. This is her first publication.