a girl disappeared

into the heart of the woods

only for her carcass to be found

hanging from strings,

her soul spilling from the open mouth,

ribs poked through her school shirt.

she bore a sight for bad gods.

her remains spoke so much about a sad life:

a chasing and not getting, petered out castings.

& yes, it was a scene.

the flies buzzed around, voices spat and spoke.

yes, it was the mirrors. & the flies. but mostly the mirrors.

this is not my story to tell

yet I’m telling it anyway;

not for anyone else, for me.

Ugwuosor Osinachi Doris is a 300L student in the department of English and Literary Studies, University of Nigeria Nsukka. A wild dreamer that she is, while she is not cooking, which is her favourite thing, you may see her learning how to be a Big 6 woman. She loves emancipation of the girl child, and dreams of a future where she is a philanthropist.