(From a story most of us know quite well)

Rike Kristos: The Witness of Light

It was our Genesis

the beginning of a continuation

of our potentials’ quick Exodus

Then every ruler shouted promises like the Lord

sparking our hopes as we heard their crackling voices rise:

            ‘Let there be light!’

Trust our Non-Existent Power Authority:

The darkness pervades our lives

wearing us gloom

The Problem Has Changed Name

corporation turned to a million DisCos

promising rebirth, dances and a beauty bloom

It was the twin of faux freedom

that gave us the power of grating noises

as we bark above generators or hiss at the dark

Indeed, we brew thunder and fart noises

which amount to zilch in our hydro-electric dreams

projecting our collective sustainable deterioration goals

A drunkard preaches the politician’s book of Revelation:

a harvest will come of our dams

yea, we would surely reap several ‘Damns!’


Gen 1:3 And God said ‘Let there be Light’

and ¹NEPA replied: ‘Mba nu!’

¹ National Electric Power Authority

Su’eddie Vershima Agema is a Nigerian poet, editor and literary administrator. He is also a culture promoter. Author of two poetry collections, Bring our Casket Home: Tales one Shouldn’t Tell, and Home Equals Holes: Tale of an Exile, a short story collection, The Bottom of Another Tale and the NLNG Nigeria prize for Literature 2022 nominated shortlisted book – Memory and the Call of Water.