my life is one stanza of unrhymed poetry

each line reeks of its blistered rhythm 

and the sonorous theme which got miscarried

in the frenzied flow of its cantos

do not scan for the metre

nor try to put it in verse

just follow the lyric splayed out

in the discordance of its hurried patterns

with the sober tone it has brought to birth  

Sosthenes N. Ekeh is a lecturer in the Department of English and Literary Studies, UNN. He has lectured at Godfrey Okoye University, and Bigard Memorial Seminary, both in Enugu. He is a literary critic and a creative writer, with poems, short stories, playlets and research papers published in both local and international journals. He was the Editor of The Muse no. 43, and the Associate Editor of poetry in The Muse no. 42.