She picks up her pen,
She wants to write
Of metaphors sleek as oil,
They slip from her grasp.
She gives up.

The moon lets off steam tonight,
She watches with dismay,
Time ever running, chasing,
She gropes for the meaning of life.
She fails.

She boils,
The dark blue sea remains faithful,
Her steps, frail footprints of longing,
She drags with her, a nation of lost musings,

Her surroundings hazy out,
Will them all to me!
Turns in horror,
She exchanges her mind with her heart.
It felt so sure.

One last turn around,
One last try again,
One last come again,
One last time again.
There’s no one at the corner.

She looks at the world through blinds,
It’s a wicked one!
She banks her pride in her heart,
Trust the noose.

Nwachukwu Merit Chigozie currently studies English and Literary Studies at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She writes poetry and fiction. In her dreams, she is the supreme ruler of a universe with horses as her loyal subjects. She loves noodles and egg rolls.