Temi Tayo

Raindrops fall in cascading grace,

A gentle touch upon this weary place.

Softly cleansing all the pain,

Wiping troubles down the drain.

In the midst of a downpour 

I stand, alone and weary

My struggles pelting me like hail

Each drop piercing my soul

But I close my eyes, and listen

And slowly, ever so gently

The rain starts to wash it all away

With each drop that hits my skin,

I feel a new beginning begin.

For struggles here can melt away,

Leaving peace and hope to stay.

My doubts start to slip

Washing off with each heavy splash

Then my sorrows, being cleansed

By the drip-drip-drip of the rain

All my fears, once looming large

Are now carried away

On the back of this unrelenting storm

For every piece of hurt that clung

The rain works harder still

To sweep them clean and make anew

I close my eyes and breathe it in,

The healing water pure as kin.

It whispers secrets in my ear,

Of love, forgiveness, and release from fear.

Raindrops wash away

Struggles and pains of the day

New hope blooms today.

Temi Tayo is a versatile writer with a passion for poetry and nonfiction. With a unique ability to capture emotions and express them through words, his poetry works touch hearts and ignite imagination. His nonfiction works provide insightful glimpses into the world around us, shedding light on topics that matter. Through his writing, Temi Tayo invites readers to embark on a journey of self-reflection and deep connection.