Paschal Eze

My Guy

You fit dey reason say you no too matter for inside dis life wey we dey

But no forget say na becos of you pesin stil never give up

And e sure me say e get pesin wey dey one place

Wey no fit forget you


You fit dey reason say you no matter for dis Naija wey suffer-suffer plenty

But you never gather say na one song for radio wey person hear dey make am remember you 

And the happiness wey dey im body dey overflow like Kanji Dam

Ore mi

I wan make you know say person don even go read book wey you been yarn give am

And the person no fit drop dat book 

Becos say your voice dey add sweet-sweetness for am


You fit siddon for koro dey think say you no too matter

But you don forget say that small ‘you too fine’

Wey you tell Folake say she fine still dey make am smile for where she dey 

And she no go fit forget you for life as long as mirror dey to repeat di truth wey you tell am yesterday 

Broda man, check am wella, check am again  

Oya tell me, you still dey think say you no matter pass Mathias?

Precious my personal person

No go dey reason say you no matter

Becos na little drop of water dey make damba-damba

And everybody matter for im own chikini way

Remember say na becos of you wey one guy dey inside bus now dey smile like mumu

On top say that one comment wey you make for im status don make im day


As you dey reason say you no matter

No forget say person love imsef more now-now 

On top say your kindness don make am feel beta-beta things 

Wey pass wetin im heart fit contain 

My dear

You still dey reason say you no matter? And life don dey try quench your fire?

Just know say we stand gidigba ontop your matter like pikin wey no get mama

And if mouth no fit talk wetin don make you turn like rain for our harmattan 

Just gather say na dem good-good things wey you dey do

Wey don make you matter for where we dey

Like love wey no get season

Paschal Kelechukwu Eze loves God, people, poetry, proverbs and music. He takes interest in motivational speaking, and youth activism. Kelechukwu spends his leisure seeing cartoons, jogging, sleeping, and researching.