Peer through Hubble’s binoculars:

the indispensable dot suspended in dust,

the harbour of life,

giver of breath. Mother of Us.

That rarest blue holding patterns of existence—

Of legends and gods; positive joy and paintings of good memories.

I see the smile of a hopeful child;

the kisses of young lovers;

the reflection of a mother in her baby’s eyes;

the surfing blue whale.

The adventurists. Moralists. Models.

Faces of blessed saints hanging on a cathedral wall.

Men seeking mercy from crucified Christ—

and I think of Doomsday:

the obscure dust suspended in sunbeam.

That lonely fleck in the void harbouring colourful wings in dark.

In a bang, it will be no more,

absorbed in Red Giant’s heat.

Where is the future?

The fowl is drinking its golden egg.

In half a million years, I pray to find God & the stars.

Vitalis Ukor is a student of English and Literary Studies at University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves reading both fiction and non-fiction books. He is an aspiring writer and hopes he would be a renowned one soon.