Like the cold ashes of harmattan

Slumber upon the mind’s terrace

In our silences they visit

Not as the ghosts of our ancient domains

In whose company we are but hostages  

But as the guests of our ceremonial thought

Whose flamboyant arrival throws up for ridicule

our lavish hospitality

Yesterday is certainty, served in a splinter of marble

Today is up in the clouds, and like a bloated star

Only festers the fallen embers of memories

Tomorrow is an illusion, conjured up on the horizon of desires

To soothe the pangs of nightmarish past

But when the wheel that steers us on course ruptures

We gather our dejected selves along the beaten track

We are prisoners of memories; their besieged empires.

Sosthenes N. Ekeh is a lecturer in the Department of English and Literary Studies, UNN. He has lectured at Godfrey Okoye University, and Bigard Memorial Seminary, both in Enugu. He is a literary critic and a creative writer, with poems, short stories, playlets and research papers published in both local and international journals. He was the Editor of The Muse no. 43, and the Associate Editor of poetry in The Muse no. 42.