Leave something of sweetness

and substance

in the mouth of the world.

— Anna Belle Kaufman “Cold Solace”

Begin with your footprints

As you walk back from where

You’ve been told you have few days left to live…

Unburden the path of you; pick yourself up.

You were everything to write home about,

But in and out of hospital beds,

The stories grew cold with expected grief,

Left nothing to call remains.

Smell your orchids for the last time.

Will them water, you’ve cried an ocean in your lifetime.

You are all they have.

Will yourself a grave in their midst.

You are all they have, remember?

The undertakers will charge a grave sum.

Will humans the unburdening of your absence,

Will yourself rest before others decide you deserve it.

Eyo Inyangette writes from Akwa Ibom State. He likes to write and talk about things people will rather hush away like grief, depression, queerness and the language of these things. He is a 400lvl student at the University of Uyo. When he is not in his own head about anything, for he thinks thinking is living, he is reading Poetry and chapters of African Novels.