Abeg, e get one kweshon wey I wan ask.
I don try reason am but my head no gree me.
Dis tin wey una call God
una sure sey na God?
Me, I de wonder
how im take de see una
how im take de hear una
how im sef de touch una life so?
una sure sey na God e be?
I taya for life sotee I run go meet am
I enter im domot make I halaram
how my waka for dis kontri be.
I tok sotee my mouth come de pain me,
my tongue nearly burst commot
but im no gree yarn my mata.
Dis una God sef
hmm, una sure sey na God e be?
Na so de other day
I see one man with im two legs like kpako
eyes wey be like three days tomato
with im belle like blom blom
wey be sey if grass touch am small, e go jus burst.
Na so im carry three big yams
wey fit feed im family for five years,
carry cloth like the type wey Atiku use do campaigne,
on top, carry chicken wey fresh
sey im de go give God.
Chia! which kind God de follow human being chop like dis?
Una sure sey na God im be?

Vivian Etonyeaku studies English and Literary Studies at the University of Nigeria Nsukka and is the current Assistant Director of Games in her department. She takes interest in sports, and football to be precise. She loves creating magic with her pen and gains inspiration in her quiet Place after series of events.