Sir Eriata Oribhabor is a prominent Nigerian poet, essayist, editor, social commentator, literary activist and Publisher at Something For Everybody Ventures (SFEV). He is the President of Poets in Nigeria (PIN) Initiative and manages the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize, Festival Poetry Calabar, ArtHub, Food Poetry Prize, the PIN Quarterly Journal among other literary ventures, and supports several other literary organizations and initiatives in the country. Eriata Oribhabor has authored several poetry collections including; Crossroads and The Rubicon, Beautiful Poisons, Eriata on Marble, Shifting Rides of Poetikness, Random Thoughts on Poetry, Walking Truths, That Beautiful Picture, and Colours and Borders.

As a foremost proponent of Naija pidgin, Eriata Oribhabor has edited and co-edited several anthologies of pidgin poetry. His quest to promote inspiration and the art of budding pidgin poets is why he sponsors the Annual Pidgin Poetry Prize of The Muse Journal.

The unveiling of The Muse no. 47 in 2019 heralded the inauguration of the Pidgin Poetry Prize for which Sir Eriata Oribhabor single handedly sponsored the prize in order to motivate young writers while fostering Naija pidgin in writing. The prize has been awarded to four persons so far– two winners and two runners-up. The winners of the Eriata Oribhabor’s Pidgin Poetry Prize for 2019 include: Esemuede Cynthia Elohor, the first ever winner of the prize who received fifteen thousand naira cash prize; Daniel Akachukwu, the first runner-up who received ten thousand naira cash prize and Ugwu Ogochukwu Lilian, the second runner-up who received five thousand naira cash prize.

The 48th edition of The Muse, unveiled on the 25th of May 2021, brings forth a lone winner of the prize this time– Kathryn Olusola, for her piece “Akara Junction”.

Each year, winner(s) of the Eriata Oribhabor’s Pidgin Poetry Prize, bag the cash prize, thirty thousand naira and have their works published on The Muse Journal.

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