After Divine Nnenna Onwuka’s “Na to Graduate Remain”

make everybody gather open ear come hear

wetin I wan talk o

becos dis very matter wey i wan yan so

get k-leg join the kwashiorkor wey follow am come

Jus de oda day I been hear as pesin dey talk

say na to graduate remain.

as e dey hot me for ear, na im i rush go ask am weda

“na for dis country?”

you see ehn

normal-normal when you don graduate finish,

you suppose get job wey go fit make you enjoy life?

abi you for like graduate come de look your mama & papa koroo for eyes?

For dis country sha, before pesin go get better job

blood go flow commot from pesin eye.

i come dey wonder how e come be sey na only to graduate remain?

de main thing na how pesin go take survive for dis ekonomi 

that wan na the main issue arising

abi na de satisficate pesin go chop belleful?   

no be pesin wey graduate since di last three years

still de carry file like curse dey waka under hot sun?

anoda graduate don find job sotey him don vex go open small kpako shop for market. 

as e don be so, no be to graduate be de main koko o!

na make pesin find better job wey him go take survive dis country

or else gbese go full ground remain

And pepper no go rest.

Blessing Kalu Uduma is a final year student of English and Literary Studies, University of Nigeria Nsukka. She is one person that believes in hardwork, determination and consistency. She takes great interest in having a personal relationship with God, music and good books. Amongst other things, blogging and content writing is something she is keen about.