Na wetin consain agbero wit overload
Na wetin come make Iyamiri look Ofemmanu
Come hold im hand dey shout for main road
Sotey Aboki leave im suya go join dem
No bi ole ole dem dey shout
No bi onye oshi dem dey shout
No bi even dat one wey oyibo carry com our
Wey dem de call kolodia vilus.
My pipo una don see wia oil and water dey do
gum bodi?
im sef know say no matter de force im take
enter water
Las Las na on top im go dey
So na wetin come make agbero see say im do
No bi say dem mix ogogoro and palmi come
smoke igbo join am
Make dem take show us levels for dis kontri
Abi na de Kai Kai wey I drink yesterday
Na im still follow me enter dis morning?
Since wey dem born me I neva see dis kain
winsh before
Wey fly enter Gari
Somersault for Obodo
Roll enter Ile
Come pack man pikins dem full main road
Pass all the Lagos Keke, motor and machine
wey dey catwalk for go slow
My pipo dis matter don tey wey we leave am
for Mathias house
E come bi like food wey pesin don chop since
Wey go hang am for throat
swallow no gree
Vomit no gree
Dia for e choke
But as everywhere don red so
Una go tell my pikins dem say
Akara and moi moi get one maale but na
wetin dem pass through make dem different
Na ole run wey neva serious na im woman
dey run dey hold bress
And na so so coprashon rice take dey full pot
Bicos as una dey see me so me sef dey go
main road.

IFEBURU is an ardent lover of spoken word poetry and high life music, particularly drawn to the depths of the dance calling rhythm of the Bongo. A daily dose of both keeps her on a high.