Naija subsidy na de more yu look, the less yu see
Dis poli-trick-cians wan kom devour us again o
If dem wan increz dia thiefin tempo
Dem go begin dia ‘fuel subsidy’ opata yan
Leaders abi looters wey no geh shame
“Kontri hard, kontri hard”, na their gain
Everi dai, na so so borrow borrow we dey
hear Na so dem wan borrow our unborn children
destiny troway

Fo inside dia jaga-jaga gutter roads
“Fuel subsidy, fuel subsidy”, everytime
Una no dem shame?
I say: “shame no dey shame unaaa?”
Awa blessing fo plenty resources na awa
Na which kain mumu be dis?
Yu get oil, yu dig am finish, sell am abroad fo
10 chicken naira
Yu go back, buy am fo one towsan naira
afta dem don refine am finish fo you…
De mumu don do!

Chinonso ‘LaChi Chacha’ Abonyi is a student of English and Literary Studies, University of
Nigeria, Nsukka. He is an apostle of the pen, and an eternal student of literature. He loves trying
his hands in all genres of literature, especially poetry –poetry he writes using varieties of
language: English, Pidgin and Igbo. He has a play (not yet published). LaChi is also a fellow that
adores the art of Igbo language and is so fond of it that, he already has a collection of poems in
Igbo (not yet published). Amongst other things, teaching and videography is something he is
keen about